How Much Does a New Gas Boiler Cost?

How Much Does a New Gas Boiler Cost?

What are the costs to fit a new Gas Boiler?

How Much Does a New Gas Boiler Cost?How much a new boiler costs will depend on the type of boiler that you need, especially in terms of:

  1. power output (watts)
  2. flow rate – how fast the hot water flows & for how long

The power output determines how quickly the boiler will heat the water.

For an instant water heater like a combi boiler the hot water demand that it can cope with will be much less than full size system boilers with a hot water storage tank – it will also cost less.

It may not only be the boiler itself that need replacing. You may need your system flushed & cleaned or at worst the pipework will need replacing.

The best way is to get a certified professional to asses your current system and recommend the appropriate solution. You can find useful info at