Benefits of Building a Conservatory

Benefits of Building a Conservatory

Why choose a conservatory to extend your home?

Conservatories are ideal not only for guests, but for showcasing collections or houseplants. The amount of sunlight offered with a conservatory is unmatched for indoor plants, and such a room can be decorated beautifully to add mounds of character to any home.

Building a ConservatoryThey are called sun lounges for a reason, and you may feel as though you have allowed yourself a vacation every time you enter, without ever leaving your front door.

It is simple enough to customize every aspect of your chosen conservatory, and many people even prefer to install blinds for additional privacy when the need arises.

When it comes to adding up the various benefits of building a conservatory, it really is just like having another room in your house, without all the cost, time, and materials required for a standard home expansion project.

With so many options available, conservatories are an obvious choice to both expand and brighten your home. Some of the different styles are:

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Contemporary
  • Glass Boxes
  • Orangery
  • T, L, P shaped

and more.

Choosing the glazing type and the roof are important, as both of these areas can heavily influence the comfort levels (too hot or too cold), but also the overall energy efficiency of the conservatory.

For example:

  1. Should I Choose UPVC or Timber Sash Windows?
  2. Should I Choose UPVC, Timber or Aluminium for the framework?
  3. Should I Choose full glass, polycarbonate or tiled roofing?

It’s going to do you good to sit down with a professional to discuss your ideas and let them come up with a design that best suits your budget and your space requirements – get in touch with and they can assist with this.

Good luck