Advantages of a UPVC Conservatory

Advantages of a UPVC Conservatory

A UPVC conservatory is composed of a durable plastic,

which means that it will last longer than its wooden counterparts. Everyone knows of PVC, The ‘U’ represents ‘unplasticised’, which means that it does not contain softening agents, known as ‘plasticisers’.

PVC was first introduced in 1935 and later caught the attention of conservatory manufacturers. These manufacturers succeeded in creating value for money UPVC conservatories, which brought conservatories within the reach of the common man.

Today, UPVC conservatories offer the best solution for maximising one’s living space without seeking planning permission.

UPVC Conservatory vs. Wooden Conservatory

UPVC conservatories have several advantages over wooden structures. They are low-maintenance home improvement alternatives that do not require any varnishing, unlike wooden structures. UPVC conservatories can be easily cleaned with a soap and water solution. A couple of wipes are sufficient to remove grime stains and atmospheric deposits. While cleaning, avoid using solvent-based or abrasive cleaners.

The surface of a wooden conservatory can fade or chip with constant exposure to sunlight and weather changes. With the sturdy composition of UPVC, you will never experience such discoloration. Once installed, they radiate a stunning visual appeal and look good as new for years into the future.

Wooden frames can rot relatively quickly, which makes them prone to break-ins. From the point of view of security, UPVC conservatories are far superior. Most of them are fitted with advanced locking systems that provide an extra level of security.

Another reason for the surging popularity of the UPVC conservatory is that it is environmentally friendly. These conservatories are made of non-toxic materials that can be fully recycled. They also score an extra mark for their energy saving characteristics.

Their special insulation supports the building’s heating mechanism and reduces electricity usage. Heating is important and one of the questions you should be asking is “Should You Fit Underfloor Heating in a Conservatory?

Different Styles of UPVC Conservatory

upvc conservatory designsUPVC conservatories are available in different styles, ranging from timeless classics to today’s contemporary versions. Some of the popular styles are:

  • Victorian Conservatory: Recreate the elegance of the Victorian era with Victorian Conservatories. These conservatories are ideal for illuminating your living space with natural light. If you have limited space, it is best to opt for a compact conservatory. Alternately, you can build a lavish outdoor room, radiating the style of the 19th century country-house orangeries.
  • Edwardian Conservatory: For an evergreen classic style, upgrade your home with an Edwardian-style  conservatory. Its glaring square-fronted projections recreate the brilliance of Edwardian architecture.
  • Lean-to Conservatory: Maximise your living space with an elegant UPVC extension. These can be designed according to your requirements and you can pair it up with a translucent roofing system for a contemporary appeal. To further beautify your exteriors, you can select a simple chamfered or extra decorative sculpted beading.

These traditional-styled UPVC conservatories are mostly seen in white. If you want something different, then go for rosewood and golden oak. For a classic look, you can also customise your room as per your requirements.

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